Intensive Crash Course Driving Lessons

We are specialists for intensive driving courses and we have had many success doing these type of driving lessons. This method offers a much quicker learning and passing solution, so if you are looking to pass the test fast, you can come to the right place. Our team of instructors have years of experience with custom intensive crash courses so you’ll be in safe honest hands.

We have different intensive courses to choose from. These range from 1 week to 6 week courses. A suitable course will depend on your level and how much past experience you have at the wheel.

Intensives are fast paced. They can help you to save time as well as costs. The main benefits of taking an intensive driving course are as follows :

  • Less time re-capping on subjects. Sessions are arranged close together so learners are able to remember more and retain skills in an efficient way.
  • Here, we have also found that many learners become confident on the roads quickly with properly structured crash courses.
  • Instead of taking hourly lessons over an number of months, simply condense lessons into days or weeks.

If you are considering learning with an intensive crash course, it’s best to firstly pass the theory test. This is because a practical driving test can’t be booked without firstly passing this.

Getting ready for crash courses

A good first step to intensive success is to have an assessment with a professional DVSA instructor. Here, a trainer can assess your driving skills and your knowledge of the Highway Code for drivers. This is also a superb opportunity to meet your instructor and test drive the car. On the assessment we welcome any further questions you may have about our intensives.

An assessment drive lasts for 2 hours at a price of just £42. It’s well worth it because good preparation very often leads to first time success which is cheaper overall.

Intensive Course Price List

20 hours £400
30 hours £600
40 hours £800

Prices exclude the cost of the practical testing. If you would like us to arrange this for you, simply add £62 for a weekday test, or £75 for a weekend test to the prices above.

Our intensive courses instructors cover the following areas :